An Apology and a Promise

I made a mistake posting my previous four-part post publicly. I wanted it to be helpful and at the time I thought I was doing the right thing, but I wasn’t. Terri Blackstock’s book Covenant Child is a wonderful analogy of the Prodigal Son and shows in a powerful way how we can choose sin over faith. In some ways, Kara’s story (at least in regards to believing lies and choosing darkness) is similar to my own. I would recommend it wholeheartedly! If you want to get a glimpse of what I was going through recently, that book tells the story way better than I ever could. And the Psalms express my feelings in a way that points a person to God more effectively than I could hope to.

For people struggling with their own valleys of depression and questions, I would recommend “If I’m a Christian why I am I Depressed” by Bob Somerville. I have only recently started reading it, but I am already finding it very edifying. Bob is a far better example than I of faith in the dark times! Of course, the Word of God is the most encouraging tool of all, and this is where we should run first when things are hardest – and when things are well with us.

I won’t post what should be private publicly again, but I will blog on this site from time to time. However, next time I will ask a wiser believer to proofread and approve it first! I want to use the gift of writing God gave me to glorify the Lord, and I don’t want to do the opposite again – even by accident!

So until I can blog something that actually does bring glory to His Name, I’d like to encourage you with a song that greatly encouraged me in my depression. It’s called “Bow the Knee” and it’s by Noblesse. You-Tube the one with lyrics – it’s beautiful!

In His grip